Window Cleaning in Eastbourne, East Sussex.

Using the highly rated and proven Pure Water Cleaning System, which delivers 100% pure water directly to the glass, unlike traditional cleaning methods which leave a soap residue behind acting as a magnet for dirt, Pure Water Cleaning will leave your windows cleaner for longer, we will also wash the frames.  We are able to offer very high standards with the traditional squeegee cleaning method should you prefer, but in all cases we promise to leave you looking through BRIGHTER GLASS rolex submariner replica.

What is Pure Water Cleaning?

Pure Water starts out as normal tap/drinking water and is passed through a five stage filtration process removing all particles and minerals. These particles and minerals are  measured as total dissolved solids (TDS) a glass of drinking water would measure around 300ppm  (parts per million) (TDS), this is the standard of cleanliness we are all happy to put in our bodies.  The water used by us on your windows will be no more than 010ppm. (TDS). With traditional methods, a bucket of water used on five previous houses which could then be used on your windows would send a TDS metre off the scale. (We will happily demonstrate this when we call)

Pure water over traditional methods.

Using a Pure Water System (Water fed poles) has many advantages to both YOU the customer and US the operators.  We all know or have heard of someone who has fallen from a ladder and it can happen to the most experienced of ladder users, a fall from only nine metres can produce enough force to break any bone in your body.  This alone should be enough to convince you that water fed poles is the way to go! For those of you that still need convincing here are ten more reasons why.

1/ No detergents left on surfaces to re-attract dirt.

2/ No slippery detergent residue left on the floor.

3/ Frames are cleaned as well as the glass.

4/ Less time taken to complete the job.

5/ No holes left in lawns by ladder feet.fake watches

6/ Less potential for damage to customer property not having to maneuver ladders around.

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7/ No problem cleaning intricate leaded windows or hard to reach places.

8/ Flats or hotels up to 6 floors high can be cleaned with minimal fuss.**

9/ Continuously clean water is applied to the window, not the dirt from the five previous jobs.

10/ Bedroom and bathroom areas remain private as there is no one on a ladder at window level.

Areas Covered in Sussex.

Serving Sussex including the following areas-

Eastbourne, Hampden Park, Willingdon, Polegate, Pevensey, Westham, Herstmonceux, Hailsham, Little Common, Bexhill, East Dean, Friston, Alfriston, Seaford, Newhaven, The Dicker, Ripe, Ringmer, Horam, Heathfield.

Fully insured and fully trained, we look forward to meeting you.rolex replica

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